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cropnewprotectsudburylogo2 Last week, on October 26th, Eversource held a meeting at Lincoln-Sudbury to discuss and answer questions about their proposed "plan" for a Hudson to Sudbury power line that will negatively impact much of our beautiful town, for absolutely zero benefit to Sudbury. For more information on the horrible plan - click here. However, it was pretty clear to the almost 900 Sudbury residents in attendance that the Eversource representatives were there to listen to the questions, and give canned and scripted responses. Carole Daniels has been representing Protect Sudbury by speaking about the detrimental impact of the Eversource plan on Sudbury Real Estate at Open Houses, Chamber of Commerce meetings, community meetings, and at Sudbury Public School and L-S school committee meetings. Having studied the plan, researched ad naseum the impact of Real Estate in other cities and towns that have lost the fight, and professionally experienced the effects it is already having on Sudbury, Carole is truly the expert.  At the meeting last week, Carole posed one of the biggest concerns of Sudbury residents to Eversource. Click here for the video. "Are Eversource and its representatives aware of the financial and personal impact and hardship that this proposal has already imposed on the residents in the town of Sudbury? There are two primary reasons why people move to Sudbury and why people who live in Sudbury do not want to leave, in addition to the percentage of Lincoln-Sudbury High School grads who return to this town to raise their families is exceptionally high. The first reason is the look and feel of the town, the abundance of the trees, the country roads, conservation land and protected open spaces and the historic significance and charm. The Eversource proposal will turn this town into an industrial wasteland. The second reason is the reputation of the schools.  There is a direct correlation between the excellence in the schools and the real estate values. The reverse is also true. As Real Estate values drop, the assessments and tax revenues will drop, the depreciation and tax revenues will effect the dollars going into the school budget.  When the schools are impacted, the Real Estate values will decrease...." She continued to talk about real instances that have occurred in Sudbury over the past 6 months.
Eversource set up the format for the meeting.  All of the questions were asked and at the end, specialists in each department of Eversource gave stock answers in categories such as, health risk from transmission lines, real estate values etc.  The individual questions were not answered, but rather a generic response was given.  With regard to the designated Eversource Real Estate specialist, she started out by making a statement that, according to studies on the effect of transmission lines and property values, the studies show that there is no real impact to property values.  And whatever impact there is, lessens over time.  The audience was so upset and residents could not stay quiet - the rep from Eversource never finished her pre planned response and left the stage.  She left the building shortly thereafter.
To watch the entire meeting, click here. Regardless of whether you are an abutter to the proposed path, or you don't think this concerns you, Sudbury can not afford for you NOT to get involved. Talk, write, donate - there is plenty to do to help fight the fight. To learn more and become involved, click here.  To contact Eversource Investor Relations, click here. Thank you.