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Glad I caught your attention. What I am trying to say is:

(Sudbury Family searching for house in neighborhood, Ideally with 3 car garage, finished basement, four (plus) bedrooms, at least 4,000 square feet, prefers Peter Noyes School District but is open minded, would love to see the house in real life, as soon as possible. No strings attached. Very easy buyers - can close anytime). (Swipe right is tech lingo for an online dating app that signifies interest) 

It would certainly make the home search process easier if everyone who may be willing to sell would be as searchable to Realtors and home buyers as the dating process is for those searching to meet that special someone.

My point is this - Carole and I (and I'm confident I speak for many Realtors), have buyers - ready, willing and able to buy without selling, buyers. As a rule, these buyers are generally highly selective. Highly selective because they don’t HAVE to move, but they want to. They want to, and they are financially qualified to do so without selling their current home. When this class of buyers wants to move (instead of having to move), they are more specific on where in town they would like to live, what they desire in a neighborhood, and overall - in a house. They are fabulous buyers once they have found that house, as they know what it is like to look - constantly, for the details of the next great listing to come on the market. Opening the daily MLS emails with a glimmer of hope that today will be the day they find it. Once they find the house, they are committed buyers. Unless they are dealing with an unreasonable seller and catastrophic home inspection issues (since there really is a solution for just about EVERYTHING), these are ideal buyers.

So, if you have thought about selling, and you just happen to fit the criteria mentioned above - do call/text or email us. Also, if you fit the criteria and are working with a Realtor to prepare your house for the market, please ask your Realtor to contact us - just so we can give our clients some hope.  You’ll be so glad you did.