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For those of us living in Sudbury, the new SUDBURY TOWN SQUARE is the most exciting thing happening since Shaq moved to town (for those of you who are still Googling his Sudbury address, he is no longer living here). For those of you thinking about and seeking more good reasons to move to Sudbury, this is just another reason why you will love living here.
While there are plenty of wonderful and successful businesses on Route 20 (Boston Post Road) in Sudbury, and now in the new Wayland Town Center  (Yippee to my Sudbury friends who opened Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt), there is a lack of destinations on the highly traveled Hudson Road. Sudbury Town Square is the group of Colonial style buildings currently under construction at the corner of Peakham Road and facing Hudson Road (Route 27).  Many restaurants and businesses have tried over the years to succeed in this prime location, but due to many factors - parking, visibility, etc., none have been tremendously successful. None of the factors however, has been a lack of desire to patronize new restaurants, shops and businesses by the Sudbury community. Most of us know that, at the very least, there is nowhere for our caffeine loving folks to buy a cup of coffee in Sudbury except on Route 20 and the immediate vicinity. Thank you, thank you Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Karma Coffee and Sudbury Coffee Works. Until now.  Fast forward to 2012/2013, when Lincoln-Sudbury '88 alum (and my fellow classmates) Jeff Walker and Michael Carney took it upon themselves to administer a nice big shot of Botox into Sudbury, and it's looking spectacular. Jeff and Mike will tell you that their goal is to develop "something that Sudbury can be proud of." Sudbury Town Square is not just about stopping to pick up a quick cup of coffee or bread, it's a new destination in Sudbury.  The owners (Jeff and Mike) are providing plenty of seating on the walkways and patios so that people can congregate there - regardless of whether they need to buy anything.  Clean public restrooms will also be installed. Sudbury Town Square is on the sidewalk side of the street, making it easy to walk/run there. Very centrally located, it is destined to be love at first sight for most in Sudbury. The highly anticipated restaurant, No. 29 Sudbury will (fingers crossed) open by the end of June.  The restaurant is owned by Greg Hill (also of WAAF fame), Chris Stephans and renowned Chef Evan Deluty (known to most Boston foodies as the chef at Stella). According to Greg "Evan and I wanted to create a restaurant with incredible food, great music and a neighborhood vibe of friends hanging out with friends. A place where on any given night you could move table to table and share a drink with different people you know, or have a table to yourselves. I hope we have done that!" Knowing Sudbury, I believe that No.29 is destined to be a local favorite, as well THE local place to be. As Greg mentioned, No.29 Sudbury is not just for date nights - the bar area, the patio outside, and the restaurant's layout all create an environment that makes it easy to meet for a quick drink & appetizer, dinner, etc. Function space on the second floor, as well as the rooftop provide great space for a variety of events. The restaurant has been utilizing social media for the past few months to introduce itself and its accessibility to the community. They want to get to know you and all of your friends. Sudbury Town Square will also feature a pizza joint, a candy/frozen yogurt/coffee shop, and a market that is owned by the same folks who own the Stony Brook market in Southborough, which is a high end convenience store with everything you may need to grab on your way home - food, paper towels, wine, etc.  Appropriately positioned above the candy store will be a dentist's office. As you can see, Sudbury Town Square is a mixed-use collection of buildings - retail and office space.
There will be more to tell you, and I look forward to updating you as Sudbury Town Square progresses. And if this news has made you absolutely want to move to Sudbury or closer to Sudbury Town Square, call me anytime - I will find you the perfect house.