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Multiple Listing Service provides Real Estate Agents/Brokers with exactly 500 character spaces to use in the description section in MLS. This is typically a challenge, as we are attempting to convince you, in 500 characters or less (including spaces) why you should spend six or seven figures and move into that specific house. In a previous post, "Translating Real Estate Ads" I provided my own interpretive glossary for all the abbreviations we use when describing a home. 500 characters (and spaces) are not a lot - especially when we want to share with you all of the wonderful features about the house - so, I will use all of the characters I want, using our own internet real estate, to communicate to you why you should buy one of the homes we have on the market. 54 Cider Mill Road in Sudbury, MA is situated in a wonderful, old-school, family neighborhood. During my childhood, I remember wanting to live in this South Sudbury neighborhood because there were SO many kids. With regard to the neighborhood, the same holds true today - easy access from Raymond Road (Feeley Field) and Woodside Road (Loring Elementary School), Cider Mill Road connects to Robert Frost Rd which connects to Lands End Lane which connects to Warren Road, etc. etc. The home sale prices in the neighborhood range from 500s to low 900s.  Because of the location and desirability of the neighborhood (I can't emphasize this enough), many owners do opt to add on to their homes rather than move. Many of the homes we have sold recently are the homes I knew as a child. 54-cider-mill-road Aside from the authentic "play outside until dinner" type of neighborhood of which so many of us were accustomed, there is nothing very Brady about the actual house at 54 Cider Mill Road that will remind you of the 1970s. Extensively renovated in 2002, some of the great features of the house include updated (fitting my definition of updated) kitchen and bathrooms, a large family room situated off of the kitchen, natural light beaming throughout the house (french doors on both ends of the house), young central air conditioning, and a beautiful patio for entertaining. 54-cider-mill-rd-4 54-cider-mill-rd-3 54-cider-mill-rd-2 I love talking with homeowners about why they love a house. In this case, nothing came as a surprise, but for the buyer who did not grow up in Sudbury, the attributes should be key factors in decision making. Ask anyone who lives in the 'hood - it will be the first thing they talk about. According to the owners "The neighborhood is a great place for children.  We often take walks and the sidewalks throughout the area make it safe and easy to get around.  All of the neighborhood children can often be seen hanging out in someone’s yard playing together.  Everyone is so warm and friendly."  When it comes to outdoor living, "We really enjoy spending time on the patio looking at all of the local wildlife or relaxing in the hammock." The owners love to entertain and have told me that "The house is perfect for entertaining – whether it is a holiday sit down dinner for 20+, or an open house Halloween party for 70 – nothing beats the open layout.  We are able to prepare in the kitchen and mingle with our guests, without being cramped.  The kitchen has allowed us to spread our culinary wings with the six burner gas stove; and our kids love the refrigerated drawers, where we stock all of our drinks." If you are thinking about moving to the 'burbs but really want to have easy access to major routes (without hearing them), and live in a neighborhood that caters to families (total social time at the bus stop), this is it. Just ask anyone who lives there.