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I am a big fan of College Basketball - especially in March, but I love Real Estate more. And while I could probably write something interesting about the madness that ensues in college basketball every March, I promise you, the Real Estate market in Sudbury is far more interesting than whatever bracket you may have completed and if you are thinking about buying or selling, this is your March. The "Spring Market" is revered. It is anticipated because this is when buyers and sellers think that they can a) get the most money for their home(s) and b) buyers ready themselves for the onslaught of inventory that is expected to hit the market.  In Spring, it's lighter outside later in the day and it's nice out. People like to be outside, and they're nicer when the weather is good. (I lived in the South - they are collectively much nicer than we are) It's usually easier to see yards, you can close in June (after school ends) and it's not considered a long closing, etc., etc. The Spring Market typically starts in late March/early April and runs through June. Because of a lack of inventory of homes in "mint" condition, we are experiencing a marketplace where multiple offers are becoming common once again, and in many cases, homes are selling the first weekend on the market. I am writing on behalf of many, many buyers who are ready, willing and pre-approved to buy your home - now. The Top FIVE (I have more) reasons NOT to wait until mid-April to put your house on the market.
  1. The good 'ol economic rule of supply and demand. You have something that someone wants to buy - now. Inventory is low, demand is high.
  2. Mortgage Rates are still low. No one has a crystal ball and can anticipate what they will be in a month.  Your buyers are approved for your house now.
  3. Minimal inventory - unless your house is the nicest house in Sudbury, what are you waiting for? Why do you want to be on the market along with 10 other houses in the same price range?
  4. Buyers are OK waiting until June (after school ends) to close.
  5. If you need to sell to buy, this is the perfect time for you - you have buyers who want your house, and by the time you are ready to make an offer, you will be able to do so.
Grab your cell phone, go for a walk outside today and give us a call.