What Our Clients Say

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We are fortunate to have such amazing clients, and are grateful for the kind words they often write us after their transactions close. Here are just a few…

Gabrielle and Carole provided a level of service that far exceeded our expectations.  Their knowledge of the Sudbury market and anticipating the direction of the market guided us to a successful decision.  Their effort allowed us to buy a home at a great value.  Moreover, after the closing they continued to consult and refer general contractors and builders for home renovation projects.  Their service to their clients does not end at closing.  They are truly committed to your requirements in a home.  As a buyer, when you work with brokers driven by client satisfaction and not by the brokerage fee then your destined to purchase the right home at the right price.  That was our experience with Gabrielle and Carole.

Tom & Stacy Coen

Carole and Gabby provided unparallel service in selling our home in one day.  Following this quick sale, we left for Florida for several weeks.  During the time that we were away, they did all that was necessary to make our moving experience seamless by assisting in doing all that is required in selling a home and at the same time purchasing a newly built condominium.  They went above and beyond what one would expect from real estate brokers.  They work well as a team that lessened trepidations that most people experience in making an important change in their lives.

Maxine and Burt Aaronson

For almost one year my husband and I search for a home in Massachusetts. Even though at the beginning of our search Gabrielle knew we were not ready to purchase a home, she was attentive and responsive to all our questions and needs. When we were finally ready to purchase a home, she never made us feel that we were imposing and always responded to our time constraints. Gabrielle showed such caring and concern during our search. She was so very professional yet we felt she became a dear friend.  We truly never met any real estate professional that came close to Gabrielle’s level of service.

Carol and Marv Weiss

Letter written to Coldwell Banker Executive Management:

It is rare that I write a message like this, but I felt compelled to after the level of service we have received from both Gabrielle Daniels and Carole Daniels on both the sale of our house and purchase of our new home.

Gabrielle and Carole were continually attentive to our needs and were meticulous in paying attention to the smallest details to maximize the success of our sale and purchase.  They showed extreme patience and professionalism throughout all facets the process, despite some challenging moments.   Both of them were always available for our questions and concerns, and never made us feel as if we were burdening them at any time. What made it even more enjoyable, was that they never made us feel pressured to make any decisions, even if it meant prolonging their realization of a commission.

Their overall handling of the entire process was a breath of fresh air, in an age where service levels have slipped in almost every industry.   My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend them highly to any of our friends or relatives.   In fact, they have basically become part of our family.   They are the standard that all your representatives should be measured by in the future.   Thanks again to them and your entire organization for your support in what could have been a much more stressful situation.  We cannot wait to move into our new home for many years to come!

A very happy customer – The Rothbart Family, Framingham to Sudbury

We were new to the area and needed guidance on all aspects of locating a home. Carole and Gabrielle’s extensive knowledge of the community helped us identify the right house for our family. Their savvy experience led to a quick negotiation and terms we were extremely happy with, and their great connections within the community made the actual move seamless. We are extremely happy with our home and recommend team Daniels without hesitation.

Heidi Berry and Daniel Gottlieb, California to Sudbury

My wife and I were considering moving from Natick to possibly Wayland or Sudbury in the Spring of 2009. We chose to work with the Daniels Team of Carole and Gabrielle who did an extremely professional job of assessing our house. They came prepared with a full market analysis proposal and put our house for sale at a price that seemed very reasonable, both in terms of being sellable and in terms of being palatable to us. Gabrielle was invaluable in making recommendations for simple improvements that made our house look fantastic. She patiently waited to put our house on the market until we were ready, until the market was ready and until the inexpensive but effective updates were finished. Our house sold in one day and above asking price! Gabrielle then worked with us closely during the inspection phase and right thru signing of the P&S, which thru no fault of her own included some hiccups that required many phone calls, texts and anxious moments and even a 10:00 PM visit by Gabrielle to our house to drop off the finished paperwork.

We were lucky enough to work with Gabrielle in the purchase of our new home as well and the service was just as professional and personal as it was in the sell process. She showed us as many houses as we needed, drove us around numerous neighborhoods and again, guided us thru the bidding process like a professional. In the end, we wound up with a house we love, in a neighborhood and community we love. Gabrielle is one of a kind. She is always working for her clients, she understands both sides of being a broker, and delivers personal service on every level. We would highly recommend her to any good friend and should we need to buy or sell again, she is literally the only broker we would use.

Barry and Lea Miller, Natick to Sudbury

Working with Gabrielle and Carole was a real pleasure. The level of service was incredibly high. It felt like they were working just for us. They had a great understanding both of the town and of what we needed from a house as a family. And they were wonderful at listening to what we said and what we didn’t know to say about what we wanted from a house. They gave great insight into every house we looked at, giving us advice on neighborhoods we couldn’t have without living in town for years. In the end, the house we chose was one we had dismissed for superficial reasons, but they encouraged us to return to. After some simple changes, we are thrilled with our choice, and glad that we found Gabrielle and Carole.

Elizabeth Iwasaki, Arlington to Sudbury

Gabrielle and Carole Daniels are the realtors you want in your corner. From their thorough knowledge of the market, their eye for quality and pitfalls, and their exceptional people skills, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Going through a divorce and finding a new home for myself and my family was an emotional process. Gabrielle (and Carole) was with me every step of the way. We looked at many houses as I sifted through changes in location, price range and schools. The minute we set foot into the house I ultimately bought, Gabrielle and I looked at each other and said, “This is it!”  Gabrielle and Carole handled all the details of my situation with discretion and care, making sure to dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s.” They made a very difficult transition immensely bearable because of their kindness, competence, and know-how.  These women know what they are doing, and they love what they do. Trust me, you can’t go wrong!

Samantha Libby, Wayland

The highest praise I can give someone is that I trust them to give me exactly what I need. Carole Daniels and Gabrielle Daniels did just that when they helped us buy and sell houses in 2008. Working with Carole and Gabrielle was truly a team effort in all phases. We knew we were well represented all along the way, and when challenges hit, their confidence and calm was amazingly reassuring.  We’re a very happy family. We would be happy no matter where we live.  But to know that we found the house that we did?  It’s a deeper level of satisfaction and, really, joy, that lets us look around and say “Wow. We live where we are MEANT to live.” And we never would have found our house — or been able to move fast enough on it! — without Carole and Gabrielle.

Ethan and Biz Sobol, Wayland to Sudbury

Gabrielle Daniels and Carole Daniels did a terrific job selling our home. From the initial staging of our home to the final closing day, we felt that our best interest always came first.  What impressed us the most is their professionalism, responsiveness, and impressive ability to keep things on an even keel during what is in any market a stressful process. If anyone ever asks us for a recommendation on a realtor in Sudbury, we will recommend the Daniels team without hesitation.

John and Kristin Schneider, Brookline to Sudbury & Sudbury to Sudbury

You really get the sense working with Gabrielle and Carole that they know the community inside and out. That takes a huge weight off the shoulders of anyone house-hunting in a community they’re not very familiar with. After getting to know you for just a few minutes, the Daniels team can instantly come up with a few possible properties that would be a good match for their clients’ personality, budget, and individual needs. This cuts down on time that would be wasted looking at properties that don’t fit the client. Carole and Gabrielle are expert communicators, never leaving you hanging or wondering what step comes next. I found this invaluable as a first-time home buyer.

Dan and Dorothy Mullen, North Carolina to Sudbury

Finding the right broker to buy or sell a house is essential. For that period of time, they become your life line. The Daniels team was our life line in making our biggest move to date. They offered us honesty, integrity, knowledge, and commitment to our interests relieving our many of our stresses.

Jim and Vanessa Murphy, New York to Sudbury

Gabrielle and Carole were crucial in helping us sell our house quickly, and for a fair price, in one of the toughest real estate markets in history. A big part of their value to us was their expertise in staging our house before listing it. With only a little bit of extra time and investment, we were able to strongly position ourselves ahead of our competition. As a result of following the advice of Carole and Gabrielle, while other houses continued to sit on the market in our neighborhood at the same price as ours, we were able to sell our house in the first weekend listed, at over asking price.

Eric and Stacie Gulko, Marlboro to Sudbury

John and I truly enjoyed working with the two of you in purchasing our new home. You both took a great deal of pride in getting to know us and learning exactly what it was that we were looking for. Perhaps this is why it only look us a few weeks to find what we feel is the perfect house for our family. You are a great team.

Stephanie Wysocki, Boston to Southborough

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Carole and Gabrielle on buying one house and selling two condos. Each experience was a pleasure. They came through for me at all those critical points that make or break a sale, from staging to pricing to marketing to all that thorny negotiation. In the process, they reminded me of the benefit of working with pros, and with a team that can literally be in two places at once. My most recent sale took four days and I got full asking price with no hassle. In a down market, that’s astonishing, and I credit Carole and Gabrielle. When you hire them, I implore you, heed their advice!

Andy Saks, Arlington

We went to Gabrielle and Carole with an ambitious goal: to sell our house and buy a new one in a summer. Not only did they get the job done, but they did it with enthusiasm, professionalism, and the energy of five Realtors. Gabrielle went beyond the call of duty more times than we can count, from helping us to register our kids for their new school to being available practically 24/7 to answer questions, show us houses, and just reassure us that everything would work out — which it did, beautifully.

Natalie Engler and Myron Mentis, Sudbury to Framingham

When entering into one of the most exciting and stressful things you can do (buying/selling a home)- you need the best partners available. We were lucky to work with Carole and Gabrielle who shared this process with us, making it easier and certainly more fun! Experience, diligence, and knowledge about the markets matter, characteristics epitomized by this team.

Susan Garfield and Steve Noyes, Wayland

Working with Gabrielle and Carole was an absolute pleasure. Our family was moving to Massachusetts and knew very little about the area. Gabrielle and Carole were always available, any time of the day, and answered all questions big or small. They transformed a very stressful transition into a smooth, successful process. Always willing to go the extra mile, our family would unreservedly recommend the Daniels team to anyone looking to purchase a residence in Massachusetts.

Dylan and Melissa Remley, Connecticut to Sudbury

Gabrielle and Carole have been a tremendous resource to my wife and me. They anticipated which homes we would want to see (and more importantly, previewed those which would have been a waste of time). Carole and Gabrielle flawlessly handled two sets of complicated negotiations for us. They have an excellent knowledge of land use issues, neighborhood demographics and price points.”

Jon and Kerri Tabasky  Wayland (2x) to Sudbury

Gabrielle is a very gifted realtor/agent. She has all the characteristics necessary to represent your best interest, whether as a buyer or seller. I have been on the same and opposite sides of numerous real estate transactions with her. She is professional under all circumstances, and I have witnessed her save her clients thousands of dollars. I highly recommend the team of Daniels & Daniels. With this team, you receive the attention of two of the best agents in Massachusetts.”

Attorney Joshua Fox, Rollins, Rollins and Fox

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Gabrielle and Carole on both selling an existing home and purchasing a new one. Their commitment, integrity, and professionalism are exceptional. They know the real estate market inside and out and put in countless hours to get the job done. They are always available and fun to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell a house.”

Aria Glasgow, Framingham to Sudbury