Selling, Buying and Superstitions: What a Little Statue, Some Salt and a Broom Can Do for You

by Gabrielle Henken on May 23, 2011

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Home Buyer Superstitions

I recently attended the highly anticipated Game 1 of the Boston Bruins/Tampa Bay Lightning playoff series. My previous career was in the sports business and I’ve been to more than my share of games. But, attending as a spectator at the first Eastern Conference Final played by the Bruins since 1992, for THE Stanley Cup, for our home team and sitting in the front row made the experience that much better.

The seats were amazing, the energy in the Garden was immeasurable and it was beyond exciting – especially when the game was played and players were fighting an inch from my seat. But (there has to be a but), the Bruins lost that game.

However, the Bruins did win the two games that followed, and suffice it to say, we were not at those games. I have been informed by (more than) a few diehard, and a bit superstitious, Bruins fans that it would be preferred that we don’t go to another game this postseason.

And as much as I would love to go, I won’t, because I am one of those people who can’t help but recall the Red Sox playoff game in 2004 when Manny Ramirez hit a foul ball into the stands and knocked out the teeth of not just any Red Sox fan, but THE fan who grew up in Babe Ruth’s old house in Sudbury. I need not remind you that the Red Sox won the World Series that year.

Whether it’s superstitions, karma, feng shui – whatever you believe — it means something because you believe in it.  The men in the Bruins corporate office stopped shaving their faces for the playoffs. What does this have to do with the team winning? Nothing. But it’s what they believe.

Although we all know that there is no way that we can really break our mother’s back if we step on a crack – we still avoid it.

Home buyers and sellers can be very superstitious as well.

The following are a few common superstitions:

  • Statue of St. Joseph – If you are trying to sell your house, regardless of the religion observed by the homeowners, the statue of St. Joseph has been “known” to produce a buyer for a home. Burying the statue near the “for sale” sign and reciting the prayer that accompanies the St. Joseph statue home sale kit is said to be successful.
  • Front Door – It is believed that if the front door is blocked, buyers will block your house from their minds.
  • Salt – Salt is very significant and is said to add flavor to life inside a house and ward evil from a house. I have known people who believe that the first thing you should carry into your new home is a bag of salt.
  • Numbers – Numbers have significant meaning in many cultures. In China, Japan and Korea, the number 4 means death. In Jewish tradition, the number 18 (“chai”) means “life.” You won’t find too many homes with the number 13.  In Sudbury, there are only two houses that are numbered 13.
  • Smudge sticks – I know many people who believe (it’s said to be common in North America as well as feng shui) that “smudging” the corners of a room house that may have bad energy will take all of the “evil” out of the house.
  • Brooms – It is said that if you bring an old broom into your house, it will carry with it remnants of the past. Throw away the old broom.
  • Grasshoppers – If you find one in your house, it is said to be good luck.
  • Horseshoes – Hang one upside down above the doorway for good luck.

Housewarming gifts:

  • Never give a knife as a gift or your new neighbor will become an enemy.
  • Old Jewish tradition – Bring the new homeowners salt, bread and something sweet. The salt is to season the new owner’s life, the bread so that they never go hungry, and something with sugar to add sweetness. Some (myself included) like to add a bottle of wine.
  • Old Irish tradition – A popular gift was a piece of coal, a sixpence and a piece of bread so that the new homeowners would always be warm, never go poor or hungry.
  • Broom – Sweep any troubles away (and because they need a new one).
  • Candle – So the new owners always have light.
  • Seeds – For a growing family.

You can bury St. Joseph in your yard, sprinkle salt on the doorstep, get rid of your broom, have the happiest number house on the block and have smudged every ounce of negative energy out of the house, and at the end of the day, as long as you are well represented, your house is priced right and properly prepared for sale, you won’t have to feel like you need to have your teeth knocked out or paint your house black and gold in order to have a successful transaction.

Carole Daniels and Gabrielle Daniels are The Daniels Team of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Sudbury. You may contact them by phone at 508-277-6956 (Carole cell), 617-320-8150 (Gabrielle Cell), or by Email to

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