facebookhouseWhether or not you could categorize yourself as a wake-up-and-immediately-check-Facebook, or a I-get-my-news-from-Twitter, or a I-only-check-Facebook-to-see-what-my-kids-are-doing person, or somewhere happily surfing casually in between the world-wide-waves, and much to the chagrin of 01776 millennials, there are SO many great opportunities for you to stay in touch with what is happening in Sudbury, just by logging on. And by “whats happening”, I’m not just referring to the filtered pretty pictures and AMAZING day stories, like everyone is having (of course), but everything from yard sales to town politics to community events to the very creative and successful “Sudbury Curb Alert” which has given new meaning to “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Most of the groups are restricted to Sudbury residents only. Thank you for reading, and of course, we would so appreciate if you would please “like” this post on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter and if you’re so inclined, feel free to add #LoveSud  

TwitterLogo_#55aceeCLICK the title of the group to be directed to the Facebook page and/or the @ handle to be directed to the Twitter feed.  For the sake of consistency, all descriptions are from the respective social media pages.

US! The Official Daniels Team Facebook / @LiveInSudburyMA & @AroundTownGabby: Shameless plug. Everything related to Sudbury, MA Real Estate and other topics we hope to be of interest to you. Thank you in advance for “liking” our page and following us on Twitter.

Everything Sudbury:  Politics free sight. Includes posts and comments about great thing going on in this town.

Sudbury Art AssociationFounded in 2010, The Sudbury Art Association is dedicated to promoting and supporting visual arts in Sudbury. The Association strives to bring local artists together to help promote and cultivate the practice and appreciate all forms of visual arts in our community. All artists and supporters of the visual arts are welcome to join.

Sudbury Book Group: Not a traditional book group. Any member can start a new thread at any time about a book they want to discuss, allowing (encouraging!) multiple mini-book groups at one time. Share book recommendations, trade hard copy books, and make connections for real life book groups. You’re on your own for wine and cheese!

Sudbury Bulletin Board: Where folks can make recommendations for mowing service, landscapers, tree-work, painters, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, firewood, mechanics, auto body, restaurants, take-out, shopping, attorneys, doctors, dentists, gyms, biking, hiking, youth sports leagues etc. This is also useful for lost and found, lost pets and neighborhood watch issues.

Sudbury Chamber of Commerce /@SudburyChamber The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in managing growth issues, commercial growth, legislative issues, community pride, business taxation and making many spirited civic contributions.

Sudbury Curb Alert: Looking to get rid of items that you are done using and think someone else might want it? Post it on Sudbury Curb Alert, with a photo and your address, when it’s out on the curb! Only items that are FREE for the taking. (ISO Sudbury is a separate group) *This group is limited to Sudbury, MA residents only 

Sudbury Family Network: The Sudbury Family Network (SFN) is a parent-run organization working to connect, inform, support and engage families with children from infancy through preschool. 

Sudbury Fire Department: @Sudbury_Fire (*Updates only – not monitored. Please only call 911 for emergencies)

Sudbury Historical Society /@Sudbury_History Dedicated to bringing the rich history of the Sudbury Plantation into the lives and activities of the people of Sudbury.

Sudbury News: Boston Globe’s Twitter Page @YourTownSudbury

Sudbury Paint and Home: A community collective for the Home…Be it trading/borrowing/giving away paint, recommending paint colors, or chatting about other things related to our homes.

Sudbury Park and Recreation / @SudburyTown Official page for Sudbury Park & Rec (shares Twitter account with Town of Sudbury)

Sudbury Patch / @SudburyPatch “Hyperlocal news, alerts, discussion and events for Sudbury, Massachusetts.”

Sudbury Police Department: @Sudbury_Police (*Updates only – not monitored. Please only call 911 for emergencies)

Sudbury Sitter Alert – Fantastic resource for babysitters to introduce themselves and for parents to communicate with prospective childcare providers. *This group is limited to Sudbury, MA residents only 

Sudbury SkyWalkers – Group of Sudbury residents interested in invigorating walks around town. Open to any adult resident looking for walking companions. Topics limited to walking groups, nice and new trails, etc. 

Sudbury Social Club: A fun group to make new connections, network, and get to know your neighbors. All Sudbury residents are welcome.

Sudbury Social Tweetup: The purpose of the Sudbury Social Tweetup is to bring together business people, marketers and professionals who live or work in Sudbury and the surrounding communities who want to meet others from the area and learn more about such social media communications tools as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs.

towncrier Sudbury Town Crier / @SudburyCrier  Facebook & Twitter pages for Sudbury’s local newspaper

Sudbury Valley Trustees / @TweetSVT: Regional land trust that conserves land and protects wildlife habitat in the Concord, Assabet, and Sudbury river basin.

Sudbury Yard Sale – It is what it says – online yardsale

Town of Sudbury /@Sudbury_Town Self explanatory :)

ISO Sudbury: A place to post items you are in search of in Sudbury.

One Sudbury /@OneSudbury  This group is dedicated to promoting a culture of open, objective civil discourse and political decision-making in Sudbury. It is “closed” only to prevent the anonymous participation that poisoned other forums. All are welcome, and all are asked to share and participate with an open mind. We are neighbors, coming together to get to know each other , get informed, and get involved as citizen legislators. We value facts over innuendo and rumor, and work to treat all who live in and/or serve this fantastic town with respect.

Oppose Sudbury Station: The purpose of this group is to inform residents on efforts to oppose the Sudbury Station project and to allow open discussion.

Protect Sudbury – No Power Lines /@ProtectSudbury – Sudbury residents, this is a great source for information pertaining to the fight against Eversource.

Fun Stuff:

If You Grew Up in Sudbury, MA:  Share, remember, or take a stroll down memory lane.

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Entering_SudburyIn an attempt to not bury the lead, the purpose of this post is to announce that we (Carole and I, the Daniels Team) have committed to donating a portion of our proceeds from our Sudbury Real Estate Transactions to Protect Sudbury, LLC.  If you care to understand why, please, read on.

We say it, we write it, we tweet it and we proudly repeat it – we truly love Sudbury. It’s not a new love, rather, one that goes back over 40 years since we moved to Sudbury.

Carole (Mom, for those of you whom we have not yet met) and my Dad moved our family to Sudbury in 1974. My three sisters and I grew up in Sudbury, went to school in Sudbury, and for me, after graduating from Lincoln-Sudbury and then having spent over 15 years living in Washington DC, Atlanta, Portland, OR, Tokyo, and Connecticut, moved back to Sudbury to raise my daughters in the town I am proud to call home.

So yes, we are defensive. Carole has been selling Real Estate in Sudbury for 30something years, and we are celebrating our 13th year as the Daniels Team. We have lived here long enough to have seen plenty ‘o change to the town. Atkinson Pool & Fairbank Community Center will always be Fairbank Elementary School to me, because that is what it was. Our Coldwell Banker office still smells a little like Pizza A La Pietra, Verizon is still Post Road Apothecary, and of course, Rossini’s will always be Marrone’s Bakery (it was the best). TD Bank will be the miniature golf course, Wingate should still be Sudbury Bowladrome, I could go on. Thank you, to Sudbury Pizza Place for being such a loyal townie, and of course, to Mrs. A-B for never leaving Peter Noyes Elementary School. My sisters (and my daughter) still love receiving your birthday cards.

Don’t get me wrong – change can be, and has been, very good. While I wax nostalgic now, I can remember the constant whine “there is NOTHING to do in this town…” that would echo through the open land, hardly congested Route 20 and old-school neighborhoods. But as a parent, and homeowner, in the Sudbury that barely resembles the Sudbury of the 70s & 80s, I can’t even stand to consider what our beautiful town will look like if Eversource is successful in their “plan” to rip our town apart. (That’s not the name of the plan, but it may as well be).

Loving Sudbury makes it very easy to sell Sudbury. Whether we represent a seller or a buyer, we’re selling Sudbury. We sell a lifestyle, a community and a house. We’re passionate about what we do, and the greatest pleasure we derive from selling Real Estate in Sudbury is hearing from the hundreds of people with whom we have worked with about how much they love their homes/neighborhoods/friends and of course, the town of Sudbury.

As a town, we are so fortunate to have the Protect Sudbury, LLC group, a group who is voluntarily assuming the responsibility of educating Sudbury, loudly (and effectively) communicating with the State of Massachusetts, and have gone as far as hiring an Attorney to effectively fight for Sudbury. The Town of Sudbury also has legal representation, and the Attorneys will work together. This is going to be a long, and expensive fight.

If you would like to know more about Protect Sudbury, the Eversource plan and how to donate (no amount is too small), click here.


Our Advice for First Timers, as Featured on PureWow.com

by Gabrielle Henken on March 29, 2016

in Buying

Honored to have been asked for advice for First Time Buyers from PureWow. Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.14.00 PM

And please, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your future home purchase and/or sale.




Multiple Listing Service provides Real Estate Agents/Brokers with exactly 1000 character spaces to use in the description section in MLS. This is typically a challenge, as we are attempting to convince you, in 1000 characters or fewer (including spaces) why you should spend six or seven figures and move into that specific house. In a previous post, “Translating Real Estate Ads” I provided my own interpretive glossary for all the abbreviations we use when describing a home. 1000 characters (and spaces) are not a lot – especially when we want to share with you all of the wonderful features about the house – so, I will use all of the characters I want, using our own internet real estate, to communicate to you why you should buy one of the homes we have on the market. We also like to use this opportunity to tell you about the intangibles, the features of the house that you wouldn’t know by looking at the photos online or visiting. The stuff that you would only know if you lived there.

I would typically write about all of the great things I appreciate about this house, but after receiving the Seller’s thoughts, I realized I couldn’t do justice to what she wrote. It just goes to show, once again, that the house you buy is not just a building – it is a place you will call home. It is where memories are made and friendships will grow. It is not about the color of the wallpaper, but the use of the room. I hope you enjoy reading about 388 Willis Road and of course, please call/text or email to schedule an appointment to see this home.

We found this house in 1976 after looking at dozens of houses in more than twenty towns, on a lightning weekend trip from New York, where we lived before.  Something about it spoke of “home” to me.   I remember being moved as I looked out the car’s back window as we drove away.  In fact, we were driving back to NY in a near blizzard and had to stop in a real flea-bitten joint for the night.  The next morning, we turned around in southern CT and went back to put in an offer.  It still says home to me.  

Our favorite view of the house is of the varied dormers seen from the back though it is quintessential New England from every angle.  The most important bonding happened as we sat in the southerly facing kitchen, watching a February sunset.  That seat at the end of the kitchen table became my favorite roost.  Though my husband was a busy lawyer, he always came home for dinner with our two kids. There was so much humor around that table.  He actually made much of the furniture, again reproduction style. Christmas became the star moment for the kitchen.  We always imported our cousins for that holiday and hung the stockings in the kitchen, oldest first while Revels records served as the sound track.  Our Christmas tree was always big and fat and often spanned the two front windows of the living room. Part of the ritual was for guests to check out the tree to see if we’d done it yet again.  For Christmas dinner, five more families joined us and we had tables end to end for the long length of the kitchen — for decades.  Only when marriages took our regulars to new relations did the custom begin to change., Everyone brought part of the meal and we did a turkey.  There is an extra electric convection oven in the kitchen to accommodate those big meals. We did festoon the house very simply, a lot like the Wayside Inn

I was a prime mover in getting a walkway for Mossman Road, making two presentations at town meetings.  It gives me profound joy to see it so well used all these years later.  My kids and the neighbors rode their bikes to the Greenwood Club right down the street where they spent most summer days.  We all knew one another and met up at swim meets.  

The kids were always outside in those days, and so was I.  Although we had the bones of the property laid out by our neighbor Ron Boucher, a landscape architect, I myself spent countless hours planting.  I think the mature shrubs that I started by cuttings will be hard to leave.  

Haynes School was a warm community then and I think that continues. (Yes, it does)

We put a room over the garage for me to have an art studio.  Eventually, it became the TV room and I painted in my favorite room, the kitchen.  The porch,made this my dream house.  We used that room almost year round.   I had a serious illness for several years and the porch was my refuge, even in February one year.  

It was a coup to put the laundry on the second floor, saving so much schlepping.  Also, there is a nice cedar closet in the attic.  

One thing I love about our dining room: the same exact chairs, wallpaper and drapes were used in a scene in a Hugh Grant movie called Notting Hill.  We felt our decorating was validated.  

388 Willis Road is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath New England Colonial situated on one of Sudbury’s most beautiful country roads. Tall trees, mature plantings and expansive lawn frame the portrait for this Colonial Reproduction. As you will have read above, the heart of this home is the country kitchen with its breakfast bar and spacious dining area open to the warm fireplaced Family Room. The fireplaced Living Room and formal Dining Room are ideal for entertaining and holiday gatherings. The unique and appealing floor plan offers areas that present a wonderful surprise.There is a separate first floor office, generous size Mud Room with a second staircase to the cathedral ceiling, skylit Bonus Room, and cathedral ceiling enclosed Porch with wide pine floors and sliding glass doors to the gorgeous level backyard. The Master Bedroom has two closets (including a walk in closet) and Bath.  If summer ever arrives, you’ll enjoy your central air conditioning.

If you’re not in the market to buy, please do your friends a favor and share 388 Willis Road with them. You’ll love visiting!


Sudbury Unites Against Eversource Plan

March 18, 2016

Tweet I’ve heard from many that not everyone in town knows about the power line issue. So, to summarize – Eversource has introduced what they are referring to as a “Reliability Plan” that will (if it happens), run an overhead high voltage transmission line through the heart and soul of Sudbury. This would require clearcutting […]

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Homebuyers… Ready or Not, Here It Comes! Are YOU Ready?

February 26, 2016

Tweet It’s almost the end of February and its 61 degrees outside (yesterday). For those not accustomed to living in New England, 61 degrees in February means that the top is down on the convertible and winter jackets were left behind when the kids went to school this morning. It also means that we are […]

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SUDBURY Property Values – 2016 Assessments

January 20, 2016

Tweet With the anticipation ALMOST as exciting as the upcoming Patriots game, or waiting to buy Billy Joel or Pearl Jam at Fenway tickets – here are our 2016 property assessments. BEFORE (yes, I’m yelling) you click on the link and scroll down looking for your address – please remember that your property assessment is […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? How to Decide If Moving Or Renovating Is Best For You.

March 21, 2015

Tweet   I wrote this piece about 4 years ago, when Winter seemed to end when it was supposed to (in January). Now, with the Spring market rearing it’s snowy head, SO many people are begging the question “do we renovate or do we move”?  I won’t tell you what to do, but I hope […]

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Hibernation, Shmibernation – It’s Time to Get MOVING!

February 26, 2015

Tweet Earlier today, Real Estate Attorney, Richard Vetstein of the Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog, inquired with some of his favorite Realtors about the impact the Blizzardterrible Winter has had on the Massachusetts Real Estate Market.  I was happy to be included and offered my input on the Sudbury market. Click here for the article. Or, […]

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Why We LOVE Sudbury! Reason #2

October 21, 2014

Tweet There is no particular order to this list, just what comes to mind each day.  It’s only numbered so that it’s easier to keep track. Reason #1 – The foliage on Route 27. Reason #2 – HOPEsudbury From my experience, Sudbury families, really, truly care about each other. Founded after 9-11 by Sudbury residents, HOPEsudbury […]

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Beyond MLS™ – Why You, Or Someone You Know Should Buy… 347 NORTH ROAD, SUDBURY, MASSACHUSETTS (MLS #71693294)

October 18, 2014

Tweet If you are thinking about buying a house that has privacy, tremendous character, a fantastic yard, many updates in a very convenient location in Sudbury, I encourage you to read on — what you have seen online up to this point couldn’t possibly begin to tell you about how great living at 347 North […]

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Why We LOVE Sudbury! Reason #1

October 9, 2014

Tweet Buyers always ask us what we love about Sudbury. There are so many reasons why – most of which are intangible.  But, every day, there is at least one thing that happens that easily makes the “Why We Love Sudbury” list.  The reasons are pretty simple, but when they are all added up, it […]

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Beyond MLS™ – Why You, Or Someone You Know Should Buy… 109 KIRKLAND DRIVE, STOW, MASSACHUSETTS

September 11, 2014

Tweet Multiple Listing Service provides Real Estate Agents/Brokers with exactly 1000 character spaces to use in the description section in MLS. This is typically a challenge, as we are attempting to convince you, in 1000 characters or less (including spaces) why you should spend six or seven figures and move into that specific house. In […]

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Beyond MLS™ – Why You, Or Someone You Know Should Buy… 442 ELM STREET, FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS

July 13, 2014

Tweet UPDATE: Sold with multiple offers the first day on the market. Closed in August 2014. Read fast – this one isn’t going to last. There are SO MANY buyers for whom 442 Elm Street is suited, I hope you have a chance to read this. First time buyers, those who are downsizing, those needing […]

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Beyond MLS™ – Why You, Or Someone You Know Should Buy… 36 RED OAK DRIVE, SUDBURY, MASSACHUSETTS

July 12, 2014

Tweet Interested in an absolutely gorgeous Creighton Hammill colonial reproduction in the most historic area in Sudbury that happens to have a great deal of privacy AND be in a wonderful neighborhood? Feel free to call us while you are reading. Multiple Listing Service provides Real Estate Agents/Brokers with exactly 1000 character spaces to use […]

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Beyond MLS™ – Why You, Or Someone You Know Should Buy… 340 DUTTON ROAD, SUDBURY, MASSACHUSETTS

June 27, 2014

Tweet TOO LATE! Multiple offers the first day on the market. I kindly suggest that you read this one fast, as I don’t think the house is long to last on the market. Multiple Listing Service provides Real Estate Agents/Brokers with exactly 1000 character spaces to use in the description section in MLS. This is […]

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June 25, 2014

Tweet                                  JUST REDUCED! NOW $925k – AND, the very wonderful, reasonable, and motivated Sellers have already installed NEW hardwood floors in the kitchen AND the NEW granite countertops are being installed this week! We are hosting an Open House on […]

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What is the “Safest Place” in Massachusetts, You Ask? SUDBURY!

March 11, 2014

Tweet This post is short and very sweet – I am very excited to tell you that of all the 301 Towns and 50 Cities in Massachusetts, our fabulous Sudbury was ranked #1 as the “Safest Place in Massachusetts” by Movoto, a Real Estate website (not ours). Wayland is very close at #9, and Weston, […]

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Applications Available for The Coolidge At Sudbury

March 3, 2014

Tweet B’nai B’rith Housing is proud to announce that the application process for the affordable units at The Coolidge at Sudbury is now underway! Please click here to visit the development’s new website. Information about The Coolidge At Sudbury (as copied from their website): The Coolidge at Sudbury, a 55 & better community of one and two […]

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Best Way to Celebrate the Patriots Win? Buy a New House!

January 12, 2014

Tweet We are hosting two Open Houses today, January 12. In Sudbury, 18 Trailside Circle. 1:00-3:00 – $1,399,000 (Tall Pines Neighborhood) This is the Premier cul de sac setting in Tall Pines – adjacent to 4.5 Acres of Conservation Land. Dramatic brickfront Colonial with breathtaking twin bridal staircases, additional rear staircase, two story Great Room with full […]

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